Helping to Finance Your Dreams

When you are looking for a loan, who should you turn to? A regional or national lender who you’ll never meet face-to-face? A lender you’ve never heard of promising super low rates?

At Charter Bank, we believe we are the choice for lending in and around Johnston, Grimes, Waukee, and Ankeny. Why?

  • Decisions on your loans are made locally and promptly.
  • We work in your best interest, not with our bottom line in mind.
  • Our portfolio of lending products means there’s always a customized solution for your needs, not everyone else’s.
  • You will work with the same loan officer from application to closing, one point of contact, not several.


What’s more important than a home to start a family, raise your kids or retire to? Our mortgage lenders work with you to identify your exact needs and deliver the ideal home loan.



Commercial Loans

From start-ups to established business that are expanding, monitoring cash-flow is always on a business owner’s mind. We offer number of loan types and programs to ensure your business has the funding it needs.



Consumer & Auto Loans

Need a new car, a vacation or money to pay for other costs? Auto and consumer loans from Charter Bank can be tailored to your exact needs with flexible repayment plans to meet your monthly cash flow.



Home Equity Loans

Have you thought about tapping into the equity in your home? Home equity loans and lines of credit use your home’s equity to get you the cash you need.



Construction Loans

Building your dream home is never an inexpensive process. To ensure you have the funding you need, our construction loans are set up as a line-of-credit account that will serve you well throughout the construction process.